July 29, 2016
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We have now instituted a news letter.

Please view our newsletters by clicking on the newspaper above.
Welcome to Racetrackbiblestudy.com. We are a ministry backed by Calvary Chapel that serves the spiritual as well as the social needs of the racetrack community with bible studies, jockeys room devotions, ministry outreach picnics, counseling, weddings and more. We're thrilled you've stopped by to check us out.                     
>> Bible Study Audio Archives

We now have resumed recording bible studies as of Tuesday, September 18, 2012. We hope to play catchup on some previous biblestudies in the near future
We are pleased to provide you with audio archives of our bible study. It is available via download or streaming audio. Feel free to save a study and burn it to c.d. and share it with a friend, co worker or anyone for that matter. We hope you are blessed in listening to Pastor Richard.  Our ministry has provided devotions to the Southern California jockey colony in their room before the start of the racing day.  We have recorded and posted these devotions to our website for jockeys and everyone else to hear.  If anyone would like a copy on c.d. please email us a request at thoroughbred@racetrackbiblestudy.com with your snail mail address and we would be happy to send you out a copy.  Free downloads of these studies are also available upon request. 

SPECIAL THANKS to all the riders for agreeing to advertise our website on their jockey pants.  We hope to have as many riders as possible and as the Lord would see fit to have it on their hearts to wear our website on their pants.   We now have several riders that are now wearing our advertisement on their pants.  <click here> to view some of the riders that have worn our pants.

                                   Photo: San Diego Union

*Riders if you'd like to wear our pants please contact us at (626)536-5413
One of our staunchest supporters is jockey Jon Court.
Watch an interview that aired on TVG in which Jon is asked about his pants in part of the interview.
JOCKEYS PANTS AT ART EXHIBIT  We are delighted to have our pants featured in artist Kathy Pate's art exhibit at Cal State Fullerton.  Kathy's love for the Lord and horses are exhibited in this painting that was on display from October 19th - 25th, 2007.
JOCKEY PANTS GET A STAKE WIN. Currently there are over 30 riders nationwide that have it on thier heart to wear our website URL on thier jockey pants.  Many thanks to all the riders who have worn the pants.
                                                                            Benoit Photo 
If you'd like to wear the pants please contact our office at
(626) 536-5413 or drop us an email from the CONTACT US menu on the side of this web site.
<CHAPLAIN MENA APPOINTED TO CHAPLAIN OF THE JOCKEYS GUILD.  Richard is the official Chaplain of the Jockeys Guild.   
                                                     Benoit Photo


PODCAST!!  We are pleased to announce our bible studies are now available for download to your IPOD or mp3 player through PODCAST. Click on the IPOD player below for details.

Our ministry is compelled to host outreaches. A typical outreach consists of food, musical entertainment and gifts given away to the backstretch workers at the racetrack.  Click here to view some of the events that have taken place in the past few years.
On Saturday, December 22, 2012 we had the blessing of hosting a Christmas concert and delivering the Christmas Story for the backstretch workers at Santa Anita.  Many thanks to Calvary Chapel LaVerne, The G Man of Calvary Chapel Crenshaw and Calvary Chapel Monrovia for showing up and singing traditional Christmas carols.
<Click on the photo below for a slide show>
On Tuesday, November 13th Racetrack Biblestudy had the honor to serve the
Retama Park stable employees with a meal, gifts and most of all the word.  
Over 100 people were moved to hear a Holy - Spirit filled message. Thanks to
Retama Park for the opportunity to spread His word and peace.  We look forward to going back next year.
On Tuesday, October 9th we hosted a "Hamburger Tuesday" in conjunction with Calvary Chapel Crenshaw.  The event was held at Hollywood Park.  Backstretch workers and their family enjoyed dinner and gifts.  We appreciate Calvary Chapel Crenshaw's fervent assistance.  We look forward to doing more events in the future with them.  Click on the picture below
to see a video of this.
Addtional video  from event ------->        
Racetrack Bible Study had the privilledge to provide the riders on the PBR Touring Pro circuit with prayer on October 6, 2012 at the Pala Casino.  We look forward to continueing serving the PBR.
                      PBR Rider Chris Montano and Chaplain Richard Mena at Pala. 
                      Chis is wearing the Racetrack Biblestudy logo on his chaps.
Racetrack Bible Study had the privilledge of conducting a prayer for the participants at the Feria Del Caballo De Espanol horse show at the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City Of Industry, California
            Chaplain Richard delivering prayer at the Feria Del Caballo event
PBR Touring Pro Event Del Mar, August 19, 2012:  Racetrack Bible Study had the privilege of being able to provide a short devotion and prayer for the Profesional Bull Riders (PBR) Touring Pro Division event held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on August 19, 2012.  We are thankfull to all the people who paved the way for us to serve the Lord and these riders.  Special thanks to the PBR, Kenny Baker of the Del Mar Fairgrounds,
cowboy legend Cotton Rosser and his entire Flying U Rodeo Company  crew headed up by his son Reno. 


http://63429.inspyred.com/images/PBR.jpg  Bull riders getting devotions and prayer before the event, Del Mar 2012 - Photo D. Nuesch

Racetrack Bible Study is very
privileged to provide bible study to the Long Beach, CA Chapter of the Salvation Army residents on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM. Since late 2010 Pastor Richard Mena and Byron Carter have traveled down to Long beach to give a 1 hour bible study to an average of 40 men per week

Racetrack Bible Study is the official ministry of  the Jockeys Guild                         
 We hosted another one of our
outreaches for the Lord at Sunland Park
Racetrack and Casino on the evening of
March 1st, 2009.  Over 100 people attended
and were treated to a meal, gifts and
musical entertainment by The Gutierriez Brothers.
We had the honor and pleasure to visit and host in
conjunction with The Downs At Albuquerque an
employee appreciation dinner on November 5, 2008. 
Over 140 people attended and were treated to gifts,
dinner, entertainment and the word.  16 hands went
up to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We would
also like to thank Josh Boyd, who provides prayer
for the jockeys to the local riding colony there for
letting us provide devotions in the jocks room that
afternoon.  To hear the devotion click here.
We thank the staff and management at
The Downs At Albuquerque for having us visit and
minister to your racetrack.
On Saturday, August 29, 2008 we travelled to the
Elko County Fair for an outreach picnic.  The event
started after training hours and went through about
30 minutes to 1st post (1:00).  The horsemen were
treated to food, gifts and entertainment by
Andrea Andrea.  We also had the privilledge of
delivering devotions to the jockeys prior to the
1st race.  We recorded and have pictures of these
events.  For more click on theElko CoFair logo
was remembered in a ceremony at Bay Meadows on
Saturday, August 16, 2008. 
 For more on Brian and to listen to the memorial
                                       <click here>
We were pleased to visit Wyoming Downs to host a
bible study and provide devotions to the jockeys. 
 To listen to the bible study click here   
was part of a PSA produced for the Disabled Jockeys
Fund.  Below is the PSA.
  It has always been a mission statement of our
  organization to solely teach God's word in truth without
  any man made religious influence.  We do not want to
  profit in any way other than to teach God's word in truth. 
  With that said we are pleased to announce that we are
  now represented in the country of The Phillippines. 
  Jockeys are now wearing our organizational logo on
  thier pants.
Above are jockeys from left to right K.E. Malapira, C.B. Tamano &
E.P. Nahilat.

Race Track Bible Study, Inc.
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